We don’t gamble with the planet

The green buying trend has certainly taken off in recent years, as advertisers and manufacturers increasingly embrace low environmental footprint as something that needs to be pointed out. Unfortunately, as it is often the case with new trends, many companies decided to exploit people’s concerns for the state of our planet for advertising purposes without walking the talk and actually doing something for the environment. We believe that making products green should not be just a mere trend – it is our utmost responsibility.

We don’t gamble with the planet

Going through the motions of everyday life, we can easily forget that the climate crisis is a thing. Unfortunately, this does not mean it stops being an issue – with each year, we understand more and more that we are playing for the highest stakes – the survival of Earth and its future as a home for future generations. Thankfully, we are increasingly trying to do our part and help the environment. Our purchasing decisions are just one piece of that puzzle. We buy less, and when we do, we choose sustainable products made of green raw materials. In doing so, we pay attention to the relevant certifications and pick the brands we trust.

This is a good thing – every day, companies come up with new marketing gimmicks and attempts at greenwashing, which are unsubstantiated or misleading. Recently, biodegradability has been the name of the game, even though compostable materials are much more environmentally friendly. Fortunately, there are brands that take ecology seriously. It is worth your while to find out which brands these are – their environmental strategies are often based on the latest scientific studies, which is why they can address the issues in the best possible way.

After all, the responsibility for a product’s environmental impact does not start when it hits the store shelves, it also does not end when the consumer purchases that product. As a producer using our Ecofriendly Game technology, we know everything about that!

Every Ecofriendly Game is made at a green factory, which was built in a sustainable manner and employs environmentally friendly solutions, while the raw materials that end up in your games come only from trusted, certified sources. We also keep in mind that even though we use the most durable materials and encourage minimalism, every board and deck of cards will still end up in the trash at some point. Our responsibility does not end at that point – that is why we make our games out of recyclable and compostable materials. Why? To close the loop and do the responsible thing, of course!