Planting trees

Knowing that more trees are better for us and our planet, we decided to join the local tree planting campaign to offset the production of games featuring our Ecofriendly Game logo. We intend to continue this trend in the years to come.

Our Ecology and Environmental Protection Team

Running a company, especially a manufacturing one, which is what we do, would be simply impossible without using electricity and water, and without generating waste. Since we are aware of our environmental impact, we do our best to lower it as much as we can by taking appropriate initiatives and pursuing green goals. That is why we have established the Ecology and Environmental Protection Team, which is responsible for actively training our employees and running activities that help our planet.

Trail clean-ups

Our core values underpin our management and everyday operations – we cannot imagine doing it any other way. These include good employee relations, proper work-life balance, focus on our environment, as well as inspiring others to do their part and join our efforts. That is why we organise trips for our employees that serve two essential purposes – strengthening and building good relationships within our teams, as well as visiting beautiful places and taking in the sights. In addition to fun and team-building, we are cleaning up the trails to make them more enjoyable to future hikers. By doing so, we want to show that even seemingly small actions, like lifting a piece of paper from the ground can bring outstanding results, if we do it together.

Crushing bottles and cans

Waste segregation is one of our key focus areas. That is why we have installed can and bottle crushers in all of the company’s kitchens. All proceeds from the sales of these recyclable materials are donated to charitable causes chosen together with our employees. We also have special waste bins for plastic caps and used batteries.

Saying goodbye to plastic

Speaking of bottles – it is important to note that we only use glass bottles and nothing else. We also have cold, hot and sparkling water dispensers, installed after a thorough analysis of water quality.

Training and education

To make sure that the best practices and great habits stick, we have posters and stickers on the walls reminding the employees of all the things they can do for the environment. We also host training sessions and distribute a special (digital, of course!) environmental newsletter that remind our staff that all the decisions that we make can have an impact on the environment. These awareness-building efforts instil the conviction that we are all responsible for change – and even when we start out small, with tiny and seemingly insignificant efforts, we can help Mother Nature in amazing ways.

Building environmental awareness

We are trying to show the games industry a new way by highlighting our honest commitment to the environment. Our growth strategy is based on three ESG pillars – Environment, People and Organisation. We make every effort to combine our environmental activities with initiatives aimed at our employees. That is why we host all kinds of environmental and educational initiatives, which help us build our teams – nothing builds connections and relationships like uniting around a shared goal. These include clothes exchange, as well as our book-sharing corner. Our creative employees can also enjoy various green workshops – for example making a forest in a jar or brewing holiday teas, where they learn about zero waste principles in practice.

Compliance with the most stringent quality and safety standards

Games are our bread and butter – that is why we want to play clean. Our way to do that is by complying with the most stringent quality and safety standards. That is why we implemented the ISO 9001:2015 management system and the ISO 14001 environmental standard. Every year, we also undergo SMETA 4P ethical audits. Our games meet the EN-71 European safety standard for games and toys. What is more, our Ecofriendly Game-certified games feature zero plastic elements – we replaced it with textiles, wood, cardboard, FSC®-certified paper, as well as transparent compostable material with the 100% COMPOSTABLE mark.