FSC®-certified raw materials for the box, cards, boards and other cardboard elements.

The FSC® Certificate guarantees that the supplier protects forests, which makes it an invaluable tool in the fight against climate change.

FSC® guarantees the protection of forests from illegal logging, stand degradation, and deforestation of certified areas. By buying products with the FSC® Certificate, you can contribute to the protection of forest ecosystems and thus to reducing the impact of climate change. It’s that simple!

Ready-made solutions

We offer a selection of card and packaging formats from a range of standardized solutions developed with energy efficiency in mind.

This allows us to fine-tune energy expenditures and be as efficient as possible. As we all know – these days, less is more!

Inks and varnishes

Ecofriendly Games are also made with vegetable oil-based inks and varnishes – safe for children and used in the food industry.

You may pick any colours you like from the virtually unlimited CMYK palette and a basic Pantone palette. We print our games using state-of-the-art full-format offset printing machines – all powered by renewable energy!

Safe adhesives

Glue is an essential element in making and finishing boards, boxes and assembling cardboard parts. Making it harmless is our top priority.

Ecofriendly Games are made with adhesives that are compostable in the amount we use; what is more, they leave no toxic or harmful residue in the process.

Tokens, dice, markers…

… they don’t need to be made out of plastic! We replaced it with natural raw materials – wood, paper or cardboard, all FSC®-certified.

What about Ziploc bags, often used for managing game pieces? Say hello to cotton pouches, made out of OEKO-TEX-certified material. We also pack the game pieces in compostable or paper bags, as well as cardboard boxes. See? It’s not that hard!

Compostable cards

Our games feature compostable cards. Compostable means much more than biodegradable – in particular since manufacturers started to use it as a marketing trick. Why? Because biodegradability does not necessarily mean that the product will decompose in a relatively short period of time.

Compostable products decompose within a year and leave no chemical residue behind.

Compostability is not the only asset of our cards! They can be also recycled as paper waste – and that is what we recommend after the players are done with them. Reprocessed and recycled paper comes back to our Factory even 7 times. Let’s not forget that reusing recycled paper means far lower energy consumption than making it from scratch.

First-wave waste

The first waste is created as the playing cards and games are unwrapped. Our Ecofriendly Game products are wrapped in compostable or recyclable materials, including our innovative translucent compostable material used for packing cards and game boxes. How about the stickers? They are compostable as well. In addition to the wrapper, the cards can be packed and held together with a paper ribbon and recyclable paper – and with a bit of luck, we might get to reuse them to make even more of them in future. In a way, even waste can be useful!

Secondary packaging

We use boxes made of (of course) FSC®-certified cardboard, with a minimum 95% recycled material content to pack each Ecofriendly Game.

We take care of the environment at every stage of production!