Responsible fun

Playing a board game with your friends or loved ones is often the much-needed moment of respite from everyday responsibilities and worries; however, this does not have to mean giving up on the responsibility for the welfare of our home. You can rest easy when you can be 100% sure that your relaxation does not come at anyone’s expense, including at the expense of Mother Nature. The solution? Playing an Ecofriendly Game.

Responsible fun

The Ecofriendly Game series is a response to the growing awareness of the environmental situation at hand among the players and the general public. It is all about less waste and limiting our impact on the environment. As it turns out, going green does not have to mean giving up spending time with your loved ones and the game of your choice. The ever-expanding range of green games allows you to choose an interesting card or board game, while making sure that the planet is not going to suffer the consequences of your choice.

While ordinary games feature a lot of plastic, you will not find a single bit of it in an Ecofriendly Game. Innovative solutions, such as our transparent compostable material, are coupled with traditional materials – paper, cardboard and cotton fabric. Being Ecofriendly is also about being aware of responsibility throughout the entire life cycle of a product – from manufacturing it in a modern, low-carbon, BREEAM-certified factory, all the way to the end of its useful life, including recycling or composting game components and packaging.

In many cases, we play games with our children. The time spent playing is rarely idle, since they can bond with their families, while learning many important life lessons on teamwork and healthy competition. In this case, going green is a no-brainer – it will be a valuable lesson in responsibility for our shared home, because their future is not something you should compromise on.

Our everyday choices shape the world we live in. We offer the games sector the opportunity to make good, responsible ones.