Let’s play clean

The history of plastics is a grim one – before we collectively realised that they are not as amazing as they were cracked up to be, the planet was already overflowing with plastic waste, which can be decomposed and degraded in nature… but it will take thousands of years.
We have one thing to say about this whole situation – enough is enough! The Ecofriendly Game series features games, which do not contain even a mere bit of plastic.

Let’s play clean

Although the vast majority of us does not witness heaps of waste floating on the surface of the oceans on a daily basis, we are not in the clear – this issue keeps coming back to us as microplastics that we eat with fish or seafood. Thankfully, more and more people realise that the planet is a closed loop – nothing disappears and everything keeps circulating. We are discovering the various harmful impacts of plastic on human health as well, so we know it is not just the environment, which definitely needs to be protected – it has already suffered enough damage. Harmful substances, such as BPA, end up in our bodies, disrupting the natural balance.

There are many arguments that can be raised against plastics, but sometimes all we need is a photo of a paradise beach overflowing with tons of plastic trash or a video showing marine mammals entangled in single-use bags to realise the true scale of the problem.

While we might still be helpless when it comes to the plastic waste that has already been created (even though scientists continue their search for solutions to the problem – one of the potential remedies are marine bacteria), we can do everything in our power to avoid generating more plastic. The planet does not really need any more of it. And this is where our Ecofriendly Game series comes into play!

Ecofriendly Game means no plastic. Yes, zero. This is not a joking matter. We have been hard at work searching for alternate solutions that would allow us to ensure the highest level of quality and aesthetics, all so you can play your games while taking care of the planet. While our competitors still offer plastic tokens, dice, and markers, we use natural raw materials such as paper, cardboard and wood. We replaced plastic bags used for packaging small pieces with cotton and paper alternatives, but the thing we are the most proud of is our transparent compostable material, which we use for wrapping playing cards and game boxes.

Unlike plastic waste, which would linger in the environment for thousands of years (or until scientists find the right solution), all the waste created when an eco-game is no longer useful is either compostable or recyclable, which means that with a little luck, they will be turned into fertiliser or raw material to make more useful stuff. Is it possible to play responsibly? Sure!

Let’s give our planet a break from plastic and choose an Ecofriendly Game next time you go to the store!