The games branded with the Ecofriendly Game logo have also been granted a prestigious certificate, which indicates that the game has been designed and produced in accordance with the most stringent environmental standards.

The Ecofriendly Game certificate guarantees that the principles of environmental responsibility are observed at each stage and level of Ecofactory‘s activity.

Ecological materials and technological solutions are carefully picked out as early as at the design and production stage. The Ecofriendly games use biodegradable inks, varnishes and adhesives, which are safe for children and used in the food industry.

Each game produced in accordance with the environmentally friendly production requirements is awarded the certificate and it may be labelled with the Ecofriendly Game seal on the packaging.

Complementing the Ecofriendly Game mark are:

Ecofriendly Book and Ecofriendly Toy.